Title: Cubes
Material: birchbark
Size: 100-100 cm

Inside out

Title: Inside out
Material: peacock feathers
Size: 80-80 cm


Title: Focus
Material: pauwenveren
Size: 100-100 cm

Silver lining

Title: Silver lining
Material: zilverpopulier blad
Size: 100-100 cm

Down to earth

Title: Down to earth
Material: Ficus religiosa blad
Size: 100-100 cm

Radar love

Title: Radar love
Material: Maple seeds
Size: 80-80 cm

Down to earth

Titel: Down to earth
Materiaal: Ficus religiosa blad
Afmeting: 120-120 cm


Title: Sparkling
Material: Ficus religiosa
Size: 180-100 cm

Flying high

Title: Flying high
Material: Peacock feathers
Size: 120-80 cm

Fly with me

Title: Fly with me
Material: Rooster feathers
Size: 120-80 cm

Wish full

Title: Wish full
Material: Dandelion fluff
Size: 80-80 cm


Title: Focus
Material: Peacock feathers
Size: 100-100 cm

Catcher in the rye

Title: Catcher in the rye
Material: flexi grasses
Size: 75-75 cm

Natural art

Natural Artist Hilde Trip ´Inspired by nature- collected by Hilde Trip´ In daily life, Hilde Trip lives in a natural flow. She lives day by day, without a lot of structure or organized patterns. But when she starts a new work she does like to organize nature. By repetition and rhythm of patterns the natural material becomes in the process of creation a piece of art. Where time and the flow of nature is captured in a moment and reorganized. When the piece is finished she recognizes the…


Title: Looking
Material: Peacock feathers
Size: 70-70 cm


Title: Pauwer
Material: Peacock feathers
Size: 70-70 cm


Title: Radiant
Material: Peacock feathers
Size: 100-100 cm


Title: Outburst
Material : Flexi grasses
Size: 100-100 cm

Exhibition @ The Wunderkammer

The shop-for-a-week of The Wunderkammer is open again!My natural art pieces are exhibited and surrounded by special plants, flowers en other beautiful materials. Together arises a magical twist.  The shop-for-a-week will be open till Sunday 23 October.Daily: 11-19 hrs.Prinsengracht 845Amsterdamwww.thewunderkammer.eu

Shell wall

Schelpenwand voor Jack’s casino in Oostzaan en Hoofddorp

Up and down

Title: Up and down
Material: Birchbark
Size: 85-150 cm


Title: Moon
Material: Stachys leaves
Size: 60 cm

autumn breeze

Title: Autumn breeze
Material: Beeche leaves
Size: 110 cm

It will always be light again

Titel: Het wordt altijd wel weer licht
Materiaal: Ribes blad
Afmeting: 110 cm

exposition @ the wunderkammer

expostie bij the wunderkammer in Amsterdam. Bij hotel droog in de staalstraat.

Art route de beetse en ter borg

Art route de beetse en ter Borg

Soft curves

Title: Soft curves
Material: Willow
Size: 100-150 cm


OPEN STUDIO! 24 and 25 May my studio is open! New work, special decoration, music, nice weather……. In the near surrounding there are 4 other studio’s also open. A beautiful garden, lots of painting art, quilts, a sculpture garden, natural art and surrounding in a lap of 3 km.  The studio is open from 11 till 18 h. Breetuinenweg 489551 BV Sellingen (Groningen)

exhibition @ art district

Exhibition @ gallery Art District in Amsterdam (villa arena) www.artdistrict.nlVilla ArenaArena Boulevard 226Amsterdam

Exhibition @ The Wunderkammer

From 28 November till 11 Januari 2015 the natural wall objects are exhibited in the “Shop for a week” of The Wunderkammer. This time the shop is totally decorated in Christmas atmospher, where the natural art pieces are showing between. The exhibition is in the Biblemuseum, Kromhouthuizen Herengracht 366 Amsterdam Hours of operation: Thuesday till Saterday 10-17 h Sunday 11-17 h Monday closed

Exhibition into the woods

Six of the natural art pieces are exhibited “Into the woods” in “The shop for a week ” of The Wunderkammer.The objects are exhibited in the special woods that Florian Seyd, Ueli Signer and their team let grow.Take a walk and be surprised!Open till 20 October 2014Tuesday – Saturday 10:00-17:00Sunday 11:00-17:00Closed on MondayThe Wunderkammer at Cromhouthuizen (‘Bijbels Museum’)Herengracht 366Amsterdam