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Title: Wirlwind                         
Material: Black beans                       
Size: 72-72 cm                            

Recently the wirlwind has left his track in my studio.
The wirlwind in my head is converted into concrete work and the wind has blown trees and leaves in the studio 

You are welcome to visite the studio 1st or second day of Pentecost
Breetuinenweg 48
9551 BV Sellingen

Also three other studio's nearby (3 km) are open. 
More information you can read to click on this link.

Nature is an inexhaustible source of inspiration. Every season brings us new resources such as leaves and branches as well as stumps or seeds. Artist Hilde Trip makes use of nature’s gifts by arranging them in unique patterns and designs. This allows a tension in her art that not only the beauty but also the vulnerability of nature accentuate and it also gives the materials strength to process them into permanent objects.

Hilde Trip
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