Wish full

Title: Wish full
Material: Dandelion fluff
Size: 80-80 cm


Title: Focus
Material: Peacock feathers
Size: 100-100 cm


Title: Sparkling
Material: Ficus religiosa
Size: 120-120 cm


Title: Looking
Material: Peacock feathers
Size: 70-70 cm

Flying high

Title: Flying high
Material: Peacock feathers
Size: 120-80 cm

Make a wish

Titel: Make a wish
Materiaal: Paardenbloemen en bermgras
Afmeting: 105-105 cm

White splendid

Title: White splendid
Material: Ginkgo biloba leaves
Size: 105-105 cm

Hilde Trip



Title: Cubes
Material: birchbark
Size: 100-100 cm

Inside out

Title: Inside out
Material: peacock feathers
Size: 80-80 cm


Title: Focus
Material: pauwenveren
Size: 100-100 cm

Silver lining

Title: Silver lining
Material: zilverpopulier blad
Size: 100-100 cm

Down to earth

Title: Down to earth
Material: Ficus religiosa blad
Size: 100-100 cm

Radar love

Title: Radar love
Material: Maple seeds
Size: 80-80 cm

Up and down

Title: Up and down
Material: Birchbark
Size: 85-150 cm

Down to earth

Titel: Down to earth
Materiaal: Ficus religiosa blad
Afmeting: 100-100 cm

Fly with me

Title: Fly with me
Material: Rooster feathers
Size: 120-80 cm

Catcher in the rye

Title: Catcher in the rye
Material: flexi grasses
Size: 75-75 cm

Natural art

Natural Artist Hilde Trip ┬┤Inspired by nature- collected by Hilde Trip┬┤ In daily life, Hilde Trip lives in a natural flow. She lives day by day, without a lot of structure or organized patterns. But when she starts a new work she does like to organize nature. By repetition and rhythm of patterns the natural material becomes in the process of creation a piece of art. Where time and the flow of nature is captured in a moment and reorganized. When the piece is finished she recognizes the…


Title: Pauwer
Material: Peacock feathers
Size: 70-70 cm


Title: Radiant
Material: Peacock feathers
Size: 100-100 cm


Title: Outburst
Material : Flexi grasses
Size: 100-100 cm

Shell wall

Schelpenwand voor Jack’s casino in Oostzaan en Hoofddorp


Title: Moon
Material: Stachys leaves
Size: 60 cm

autumn breeze

Title: Autumn breeze
Material: Beeche leaves
Size: 110 cm

It will always be light again

Title: Het wordt altijd wel weer licht
Material: Ribes blad
Size: 110 cm

Soft curves

Title: Soft curves
Material: Willow
Size: 100-150 cm


Title: Mosaic
Material: Birch bark
Size: 120-60 cm