Hilde Trip

After several internships, among which Japan and working in Manhattan, I decided to focus on my individual artwork. I was born in the rural countryside of The Netherlands and raised in het center of nature. Many years later I went to Amsterdam with my inherit path of life.
Inspired and aroused by nature, I started to gather materials of those landscapes I was surrounded by. By framing rhythmic and rearranging products of nature such as leaf, bark, grass and feathers, patterns come tot light that are impossible to disconnect form my natural liveliness. Throughout the process of constructing patterns from organic elements, they will eventually form into a creation that resonates with the deepest inside of me. Which is why a fitting title for the artworks must therefore flourish and arise spontaneously. My work evokes both stillness and dynamism. Besides my own property, I also work on commission for architects and private clients.
A good example is when I instantaneously designed and built a complete wall covering for a newly opened restaurant in Maastricht. In het meantime; besides the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium, had my work also been sold in New York, Dubai, and China.
Every first weekend of October, I organize a solo exhibition on native soil which takes place at my mother’s farmstead in Drenthe.
Furthermore, my work can be seen in Knokke, Bruges, Amsterdam and by appointment in my work studio.